Friday, May 4, 2012

Writing Rejection

Why Editors Say Yes Or No is a heading on the cover of the June issue of The Writer Magazine.

A little self deprecation doesn't hurt does it?

Today I came home with the The Writer Magazine waiting for me in the mailbox. So excited! It's like plopping on my bed in middle school with a fat bowl of ice cream and a Teen Magazine. I could endure Mrs. Travers math class and the sweaty walk home looking forward to reading the "Dear Jack & Dear Jill" columns.

As I warmed up lunch in the microwave, I joked out loud when I read the the headings on the front cover. 

Before I discover why all the rejection, before I read the article....

I'll take a few humble stabs at why publishers either ignore me or politely write,"Thank you for your submission. This needs work. Keep writing."

Top Ten:

1) Read our publication. We are looking for different material.

2) That girl don't know nothing about personal essay!

3) That girl don't know nothing about no poetry!

4) You run down rabbit trails. Stick to the topic.

5) Present tense? Past tense? Future tense? Make up your mind!

6) Redundant sentences

7) Run-on sentences

8) Don't make the reader follow you around. Use better transitions.

9) Too many adverbs. Your writing is wonderfully written. We are enamored with your prose, but use strong nouns and active verbs. Drop the -ly words and the flowery adjectives and get to the point!

10) Quit trying so hard. What does that mean???!!!! How does one not try too hard? Don't worry, I've figured this out, and I am practicing.

Now I'll read the article. I wonder if I'm correct?

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  1. You hit the nail on the head with most of your list, Susan. We all make those errors, especially when we are new writers.
    That is why I recommend a few writing courses, or classes to help us see what those editors are looking for and why they turn down so many of us.
    But in time those rejections will turn into more acceptances and celebrations. Write on!