Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Laptop Has Created A Monster

Rob bought me this thing. It's his fault. "God, the man you gave me bought this pretty pink sleek computer and told me to be inspired." So I began typing. Here I am now, addicted, compelled, and motivated to communicate!

I really hope it all settles down after November's election, but somehow I don't think it will. Is all this rigmarole being shoved down our throats because it may be a last ditch effort for the Left? Oh, that's sounds so critical doesn't it? I sound like a violent bigoted Tea Partier. Somehow it's ok to be a protester if you are a Liberal, but not if you're a Conservative.

I am ticked at Rush Limbaugh. If you are going to stand up for higher morals, than at least mind your manners! Conservative men should be nothing but gentlemen. I've tried to teach my own sons about how to treat all girls.  I've said more than once, "Treat her like a lady, even if she isn't acting like one. Be the kind of guy that makes her want to be better."

Now on to Ms. Fluke. Great, you are a Georgetown Law Student. Hooray for you. How noble. I'm sure it's not cheap to attend law school. I'm sure you belong there. I'm sure you are intelligent. For the life of me though, I can't understand what is so strong and independent about sharing with everyone how you can't afford your contraception and you don't mind leaning on the taxpayer to pay for it. 

If we allow this whole HHS Mandate to push through, we will get what we deserve. I think often that people, whether they are right or wrong will get what they want. God will let them have it. If I hear one more person justify abortion by saying we are saving the world from unwanted children following in their parent's footsteps in sponging off of the government on welfare, I think I'm going to scream.

To me, that is just expressing that we expect very little of ourselves. We don't expect our children to take responsibility for their actions.

When we think of the government's role in reproductive issues, we need to think about how the laws of the land will affect our children's decisions when they come of age. Do we really want our daughters to entertain themselves with inconsequential sex?  Therein lies the irony. Sex was meant to have consequences. Do we really want to deny our sons their manhood, that comes from being a father? What is more masculine and appealing than a man who loves his wife and kids?

 For heaven's sake, the Bible says children are a reward. Gifts from God. Nothing but blessings. They are created after God's image. Children now are seen as a great burden keeping us from what we'd rather be doing. Maybe we need to look at this with a bit more clarity. Children are inconvenient, because they cause us to give of ourselves. They work the selfishness out of us. They keep us giving sometimes, until we feel undone. That is exactly what God wants for us. He wants us to be better human beings, to die to self. To give up one's life for Christ's sake is to find our true state of being. To continue to seek after finding the self for it's own elite sake, is to lose the soul in the process.

If we continue down this road of governmental pressure to provide contraception and also abortion, which we will all be paying for, we lose privacy as well as social conscience. When the birth control pill first came on the scene, insurance didn't pay for it. If you wanted it, you bought it yourself. If you want to have sex, you pay for it yourself.

If this pushes through, I don't think that it is too far-fetched to think that it won't be long before the government starts regulating the size of our families. They may begin taxing large families. They may decide who is fit to have children and who is not. Is that what we want?

Over 54 million abortions have been performed in just the U.S. So many souls. So many who could be contributing to the health of our society. We have no idea what our culture would look like had Roe vs. Wade not been passed. Have we been spared over population? Are we better off? I guess it depends on who you ask.

I am moved by the video about the evil of KONY in the country of Uganda. I applaud all who have contributed to awareness. It's hard to believe that such evil has had such liberty to continue all these years. Finally, there is an issue that Republicans, Democrats, and Liberatarians can agree.

Sadly, since our nation is civilized, regulated, and controlled, we don't have to reckon with the graphic implications of abortion. We can look the other way. We don't have to deal with the unpleasantness if we don't want.

For how long, our civil composure continues, I wonder.

My daughter had a bad dream the other night. She dreamed we were told she was pregnant and that she had an abortion. She said we were accusing her and yelling, and wagging our fingers at her. This nightmare was probably due to a bit of an altercation she and I found ourselves in online concerning the Pro-Life issue. I was called, a fundie moron from the bigoted South. My daughter was called an insensitive witch. I didn't call anyone names for having a Pro-Choice stance. I did express that these two repliers were taking a bit of a volatile position with me for having a Pro-Life opinion. I found it difficult to not be shaken for my daughter. It was like being in a car accident and trying to settle down after the trauma. I vowed we would never do that again. My daughter said she wasn't bothered by it, but obviously, she was.

When we discussed her nightmare, I said, plainly, "You know we wouldn't act like that. We don't want you to get pregnant now, but if you did, we would help you through it."

Finally, I want to address Women's Day. Who has inspired me? Believe it or not, besides my Mom who has lived through many difficulties and praises God for all of it, I would have to say, not just Mary, the mother of God, who for obvious reasons, is one to honor and celebrate. There is another. Eve. The mother of all the living. I just read a novel about her written by Tosca Lee. I saw myself in the character of Eve. Her pain, her authenticity, her sin, her unforgiveness, and her fortitude. I saw in her, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a woman who fought back to grace. I admire her for going on to live over six hundred years, in spite of original sin. She was and is a model for us all. She mirrored the good and bad of all of humanity. We have learned from Eve.

I still blame Rob. He is the source of all this typing.

With tongue in cheek,

P. S. God Bless you, all of my friends. I love you all.


  1. Hi Susan,

    I loved your blog, and I truly understand how you are feeling. I hate this time of year. I feel so pressured and fearful of the direction our country is taking. It may be more accurate to say the direction our country is being dragged, kicking and screaming. I find that the Divine Mercy Chaplet is very helpful. It makes me feel peaceful in this mad world. I am going to a rally in a couple weeks for Religious Freedom. I hate to go. I know what will happen. Just because we are conservative, all the loonies will be out in force. They will scream and yell obscenities at us. We will stand silently holding our signs. They will throw condoms at us. They always do. It is hard to keep silent, it is exhausting. I just wish I wasn't compelled. I really do. Like you, I'm a tired Christian. But I sleep at night. :) Hang in there my friend. God Bless the Andersons! (Especially Rob for giving you a computer. :) Regina <3

  2. Oh Regina, you are just too sensitive! They only throw condoms at you so you can protect yourself...ha, ha. That was crude, I know. Yes, I am worried too, in a way. In a way, not. I'm hangin' in there doing what I feel is God's will for me. It's not easy, but I wasn't promised that it would be. Love you, Susan