Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stuff Sigh

I saw a Facebook status that nailed our current government crisis:

"I wish I could shutdown when I can't make up my mind."

I second and third that notion.

Lately I feel pressed, like as a hot white sheet being rolled through a mangler, also known as a wringer.

There are issues in my life that require decisions, NOW!

Symptoms are showing that it is all too much.

I had a dream that my 'left for college daughter' was a baby and I realized I hadn't fed her all day.

Staring at her brown pooling eyes, I whined, "Have I fed you today?"

I texted her upon waking and pleaded that she take care of herself.

I scooted to the grocery store, realizing I forgot my purse.

When I returned from the grocery store, my son Paul went to help me carry in the stuff. He said, "Are there more groceries in the trunk?" Quizzical, I said, "No, it's empty."

Rob said, "Did you get Paul's stuff?"

I totally forgot my son's gluten-free requests.

I shipped Nativity play sets instead of Noah's Ark the other day.

Then there is an article to write for the paper,

The newsletter to lay out for the writers group...

And every time I am reminded that I need a mammogram, I sigh, BIG.

Big cleansing, stressful, sigh...

Also need to call to register our new puppy.

Big sigh.

Tickets to the Nashville Ballet.

Big sigh.

I'm building an emergency supply of food, toilet paper, and water...just in case.

We call it our Apocalypse Stash.

Every where I look there are empty rooms with furniture and stuff not being used.

I need to have a garage sale.

Stuff Sale.

Get rid of it.

All of it!

And then my daughter Danika says, "Just wait for me to come home. I'll help you with it."

A sigh, of relief.

She gives me permission for a partial shutdown.

I wonder, "What is the worst thing that can happen?"

Will things shift and settle where they should in good time?

I hope so.


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