Friday, August 23, 2013

Under Wood and Glass

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Our Lady Undoer of Knots...

Hear my plea.

I can't untie these knots, I have so little control.

I worry. That never works.

I pray.

I beg.

I seek.

In silence, I find refuge.

In silence, I find peace, after a many thumbed beads and Our Father's.

Even though you seem distant...

Maybe you are silent, because you listen?

You hear.

Maybe God is silent through my complaints, by turmoil, my prayers...

Because, He is listening.

I've had the images blessed.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary with her feminine beat encircled by a crown of roses.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus enthroned in thorns, for he was pierced for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities.

The images are too large.

Larger than life.

The 8x10's aren't enough to frame such holiness.

As if an 11x14 is sufficient to house, Our Lord and His Sorrowful Mother?

Her love so big, we would cry for joy if we realized how immense.

Her womb, safe, soft, and protective of the greatest love of all...

Love itself.

The images are prayed over, blessed by a priest.

Under glass and wood, I will protect them.

Venerate them.

Humble Wal-Mart frames.

What poverty!

What injustice.

But that is where they lived among us.

Jesus- Emmanuel- God is with us.

Mary, his mother, who fled to Egypt and in so doing, crushed the head of the serpent,
every step of the way.

May my home be humble.

Unworthy that He should enter under its roof.

Yet by His grace, he takes his place at our table, and we all are healed.


  1. The silence of God is His listening. We are healed, and still it takes time to untie all the knots. This is a beautiful poem expressing the love of Jesus and Mary. Thank you.

  2. Thanks John. I like that you consider it a poem. That is a compliment.

  3. I thought it was a poem, too, and it is lovely.

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    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Finally! The reason for sharing my writing. We all give up easily. Sin is easy, faith is hard. Belief takes all the effort we can muster regardless of our feelings.
      Even though your mum may soon be gone, Mary Our Blessed Mother is also your Mom. And like a mother ( I think of myself) she only wants the best for her kids. When my kids fail, I only want to help them repent, heal and get to where they need to be with Christ. Go to Confession, if you can and pour your heart out. Grace is there. Even if you can't, my prayers include you, Anonymous. You are not alone. Mary's mantle, blue and healing is around your shoulders, with the serpent squashed under her foot, and Jesus having taken your place on the cross. Pope John Paul II said that redemption is greater than any sin. There is nothing that separates you from the God's love of you. Be brave and believe. The Rosary saved my life. That is another story. Worship Jesus through the beads, trusting in the intercession of Mary. Love, Peace and Prayers.

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