Sunday, October 21, 2012

Voting Pro-Life

It's troubling how voters will ignore the Pro-Life issue. I went to a store today and chatted with the cashier. I complimented her, "I like your hair." I had the eco-bags and she made the comment, "Sooner or later, we may get to the point when everyone brings their own bags instead of throwing away so much plastic."

Of which I replied, "Yea, it's ironic that oil (or at least a derivative) is used to make plastic. It's crazy with the price of oil."

She looked at me. I couldn't tell what she was thinking.

She returned, "Yea, the next four years should be interesting."

I said, "Well, I voted for my guy and am hoping for a change."

At this point I couldn't tell which way she was leaning.

Pursing her lips, she said, "I think it's interesting how...." She hesitated.

I said, "Just say it."

Mannerly she said, "I just don't trust a man who doesn't pay all his taxes and invests in his money overseas."

I said, "Maybe he's just smart with his money and we aren't hearing the complete truth. I know he gives a lot to charity."

I added, "I don't think it's going to hurt us to swing the other way for a while."

She never said for whom she voted, but she did say, "Well, I've voted already and am hoping for the best."

I gathered my bags, smiled and said, "Thank you, God bless."

I thought on the way home, "So we'll trust the direction of our country with a president who has shown what he's about in the last four years, but we won't vote our principles based on what the liberal media says about a wealthy, successful businessman. We won't take with a pinch of salt, the garbage they shove in our faces which involves smearing his impressive record as a governor in Massachusetts."

It's then, I realize. We are divided on moral issues. Some of us vote with emotions and what we want to believe about a candidate. The last election was all about Hope and Change. What is hopeful and what has changed? Is the charisma charming enough to get us through another four years of debt, unemployment, class warfare, reproductive choice over religious freedom, and a backwards sliding economy? I don't get it.

I transition to the most important issue.

It's like my friend from another blog said about babies in the womb,

"If we cannot welcome the stranger among us in the womb…

then how can we welcome the immigrant from another country?
And here is another thought:
Of course the checkout line isn't the place to talk about abortion. It didn't come up.
For me, when we discuss human rights, it originates from life in the womb. It is where we start.
Just because an act is legal doesn't mean it's moral. Just because we are able to do something, doesn't mean we should.
Respect for life pervades everything we do. It determines the health of our society on all levels.
Our view of the sanctity of life also affects foregn policy. Our U.S. ambassador and three Nationals brutally murdered attest to this. Their lives weren't protected, and so far, neither the dignity of their memory.
Furthermore, my conscience tells me that in writing, I have a responsibility.
I recently watched a video about our president not being definitive about when life begins. It explained certain abortion procedures and why the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, is necessary. It was sickening. I couldn't watch it in entirety. It was too upsetting, and I didn't need convincing.
I offer to you, my reader, that in reckoning with life in the womb, we reckon with a whole host of  issues that we are superficially concerned. I can't vote for a person just because he was raised by a single mother, is African American (he's half caucasian also) and says he cares about everyone. 
Let's be honest. If we truly care about humanity, then we want what is best for it, not what is easy and convenient. If a two year old throws a tantrum, we don't give her a sucker. We think of her future self and ignore the tantrum. It will cost us something as well.
With this perspective, all other issues are secondary. Over 50,000,000 lives have been lost through abortion. That's a whole society of Innocents. The economy, education, immigration law, taxes, foreign policy, military defense, etc... 
All these issues aren't material if there is no one to serve.


  1. Very well written and very profound. The tantrum is a very good analogy for the liberal character and behavior. Not that this is the only thing I took from your blog, the most important is the numbers are growing daily of people who are losing sight of the lives we lose each day through abortion due to our government and liberals continuously suppressing morals and values, especially God, in which our great nation was established. Very disturbing Susan. I pray for our country, and for those who are destroying it one day at a time. My prayers are with our brave heroes families we lost in Libya for strength, guidance and peace.

  2. Very good article. Thank you for putting my thoughts and feelings into words.