Friday, October 21, 2011

You're Worth It

Ok my oyster friends: Grabbed this on Facebook. Couldn't have said it better myself. It's from the Autism Women's Network. It is soooo me. Are you hard on yourself too?

You're Worth It

Written by Lydia Wayman
You’re worth it.
You’re worth the energy,
You’re worth loving,
You’re worth believing in.
When you mess up,
When you can’t go back and fix it,
When you don’t know how to help,
You are enough.
When you can’t take one more minute,
When you’re exhausted,
And you just want to give up,
You’ve given your best.
When you feel ugly,
When you spend all day in pajamas,
And you haven’t had a shower,
You’re stunningly beautiful.
When you feel defeated,
Whether by autism, others, or even yourself,
When you can’t go on,
Please don’t give up.
I believe in you.
You’re worth it.

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