Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let Go

Let Go

This would be easy if I wanted to. Letting go is a deliberate action. It’s not passive. If it were, it wouldn’t take courage.

It’s risky.

To let go of something or someone means that it or he was in my grasp to begin with.

It means a loss of control.

It means distance.

There is no going back, to babies underfoot. To less wrinkles… To so much potential.

It’s riskier to not let go.

It’s downright tragic to not let go.

It means stunted growth.

It means we fear change and fear cripples.

Perfect love casts out fear.

Releasing which needs to fly,

Gives birth to an adult life,

A new type of beginning.

The arrow directs away from the origin point. If it didn’t, it would not draw into a line…or a picture…a story.

It would stay a speck, unseen, undiscovered, unloved.

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